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      All of my personal family research is divided into family narratives, documenting both my paternal ancestry – the Bagwell and Ford families, and those of my maternal ancestry – the Dean and Fletcher families. Each narrative is a stand alone document, but should be read in conjunction with those other published narratives where those lines cross. 

      Each individual narrative documents my family ancestry and other family lines sharing the same common ancestor. In achieving this objective they also illustrate the ancestry of spouses marrying into each line.

      Only basic information is provided within the published (public) narratives, in order to identify individuals and key life events, typically: birth, baptism, marriage, death, burial and occasional observations regarding the same. In this way each narrative should provide signposting for fellow researchers, without detracting from the joy of discovering their ancestors for themselves.

      Private edits are restricted to close family and selected researchers, and contain substantially more detailed information.

      Using the Narratives

      Each narrative is a live document, with periodic updates being made to individual generations and family groups. As a consequence the reader might find some inconsistencies between linked family trees. You should refer to page 1 of each narrative for the edition date, and individual generation or families for revision dates. The reader should therefore delete or destroy all previous editions of each narrative or part thereof, as old copies may be outdated and contain errors or inconsistencies.

      Each narrative is available for download as a PDF document. Depending on your browser settings, you may be prompted to either open or save the document.

      Navigation through some documents can be achieved through the use of the table of contents and embedded bookmarks for each of the four parts. You can also use the find (Ctrl + F keys) to search for specific information.   

      Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of each document, they can not be guaranteed error free. To submit any corrections, or indeed share additional information about a common ancestor, please use the Bagwell Genealogy contact me tab on the home page.

      Family Identification

      Inter-familial relationships are one area of interest to me, as part of my wider research. Each family within my research has been assigned an alpha-numeric number for ease of identification, and searching within the narrative documents. 
      I have attempted to restrict the mapping of all families to a basic structure.

      Each individual has an allocated Unique Reference Number (URN) and, whilst these are not usually referred to within any published documents outside of my database, they do form the basis of further family identification.

      Every individual or direct family unit (parents and siblings) where known, are identified by a Family Group (FG) reference.  Where two or more family units are known they are collectively given a Family Identifier (FID).

      Although the family group may be referred to within the narrative, the absence of any further information indicates that I currently have no information to publish. Spousal surnames in brackets indicate those persons for whom I have not yet identified their pre-marital names. In these instances a family number has not been allocated.

      For reasons unknown to myself at this present time, it is inadvisable to attempt a web site search for a family reference alone, as most search engines fail to produce satisfactory  search results. The reader will find further information regarding family identification within the Surname Index available on my web site.


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